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me listening to any Britney song.


Left and Center: West Indian bowler Chris Gayle celebrates taking a wicket by dancing Gangnam style during a Super 8 match against England.

Right: After taking a wicket Sri Lankan bowler tries to imitate Gayle during a Super 8 match against the West Indies.

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Glee Live - London, June 25, 2011 - Dianna misses her cue in DSB
"Backstage everybody has their rituals. It’s what you do before the show and what’s going on between. Sometimes you’re nearly missing a cue because you were stretching out on a bar and acting like a monkey or dancing to other people’s songs."

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I wanted Quinn to finally break down about her deep love for Beth; and her desire to keep her safe with Shelby. That birth mother and adoptive mother bond would have been so strong that it would have blown anything else out of the window.

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Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Season 3, Episode 1